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Prioritization & Efficiency – Part I

06.30.2012, Journal, by .

I have found myself somewhat overwhelmed lately.  My last couple years of college I worked 35 – 40 hours a week while taking 16 – 20 credits each semester + then I added 50 hours of work and 4 – 12 credits during the summer.  This meant that when I got out I felt like I had a ridiculous amount of free time.  As a result I found myself constantly looking for side projects.  I spent a year building out my own web application framework (a wonderfully fulfilling, educational, and completely useless/impractical experience).  I spent a year running a friends landscaping business (a wonderfully fulfilling, educational, and completely useless/impractical experience).  Then I hooked up with a bootstrapping startup named (a wonderfully fulfilling, educational, and TBD experience).  Over this same period of time I bought a house, moved into it, married my college sweetheart, stood by as she did all of the work to bring our daughter into this world, bought another house, moved out of the first one into the second one, rented the first one, stood by as my wife once again did all of the work to bring my son into this world, and then found myself, once again, with no time.  As a result I have decided to prioritize my life and come up with a schedule/routine to get shit done.

This is part I, defining the list.


The List

In no particular order, here are the things that currently take up most of my time.

  • Mental well-being
    • Beer
    • Maintaining friendships – Weekly meetup with friends
    • Recreation
  • Work
    • Fulltime job – I’m sure I don’t have to tell you all what this entails.
    • Startup (business contributions) – as a CTO & cofounder I consider myself every bit as important as anyone else when it comes to building the team’s business knowledge and guiding us in the right direction.
    • Startup (non-development technical contributions) – scalability, security, hiring, managing the other developers, convincing people that we don’t want to use red for things that are not errors or alerts… you know, those sort of things.
    • Startup (development) – self explanatory
    • Income Property – I own a multi-family that occasionally needs to be rented and maintained
    • Consulting services – It would be a waste for me to NOT partake in this.
  • Rest – Sleep – 4 – 7 hours a night
  • Mentorship – I spend some time mentoring young developers and entrepreneurs.
  • Self Promotion (online presence)
    • Blogging
    • Facebooking
    • Twittering
    • etc.
    • Social Analytics – This is basically dedicating resources (time/money) to understanding the best ways to market using social
  • Learning
    • Tech – I try to spend some amount of time each day/week making sure the the world is not passing me by in the technical realm (usually consists of reading high scalability & hacker news)
    • Business – This is basically an exercise in trying to understand everything there is to know about business, that’s all.
  • Exercise/Diet
  • Husbandly Duties
    • Chores – exactly what you think
    • Working on the house/cars – I am a hands on kind of guy.  My portfolio includes a year doing electrical work, about 700 sq’ of framing, 1500sq’ of hardwood flooring, a couple bathroom renovations, brake jobs, replacing radiators, alternators, fuel pumps, electric window motors, etc.  I just don’t trust mechanics that I’m not related to, got screwed one too many times in college.
    • Yardword – about 2 hours a week during the summer, and this turns into snow removal in the winter
  • Family Time/Parenting – This is one I’d like to maximize, but often times falls by the wayside

So, now that I’ve got my list the next posts will be about prioritization and scheduling.

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