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06.20.2012, Journal, by .

If you count ramblings about love from 2004, on some blogging platform of which I don’t even remember the name, this blog is my fifth.  The first one was started because I needed to get things out of my head.  The second one was a blog about politics, the economy, and other mostly useless wheel spinning, mental-masterbation-type posts from a 24 year old who had just joined the fulltime workforce and was trying to make his mind up about the world.  The third was like the second, but this time I moved to a shared hosting provider in order to be able to install my own plugins.  The fourth was intended to be a place for me to add notes about technical things I had learned, but with the goal that people would find them useful and I would end up with a bunch of traffic and make a bunch of money from relevant advertising.  (lol, yea, right)

What did I learn from blogs #1 – 4?

What I quickly realized with blog number four was that, for the most part, the “striking it rich because people like your blog” ship had already sailed.  That’s not to say there is no value in blogging.  Blog articles are great for driving traffic to other projects that make you money.  But, given the risk/reward proposition (opportunity cost considering how long it takes to put together quality blog posts vs. the benefit you receive from having built a great blog), using a blog for the sole purpose of revenue is highly likely to result in you making much less than the minimum wage.

So then, what’s the purpose of blog #5?

Well the details of that will become more clear as this web log matures.  In short, there is a correlation between successful blogging and successful people, especially in the areas of technology and entrepreneurship.  A blog unto itself is fairly unremarkable but… A blog, along with active social habits, along with the ability to produce great content, along with something to promote, and along with tools like buffer helps allow you to catch eyes.  Catch enough eyes and you increase the likelihood of success for just about any endeavor in which you choose to partake.  Btw, if you’re trying to synchronize your social media postings then go checkout the guys at buffer.   That link does not contain a referral, I am not affiliated with them in any way, I benefit in no way from you going through the link other than the possibility of you being appreciative for having pointed you in the direction of a startup where the founders are doing everything the right way.  I found them through their blogs c/o two posts they made that were trending on hacker news one weekend.  Good stuff.

What are my expectations?

Well, this section that I’m writing in right now (the “journal” category) is intended to hold the mostly worthless-to-you articles that people don’t really care about.  The hope is that I’ll take 10-20 minutes each day to brain dump journal entries that will serve as a pretty cool log for me to personally look back on.  This section will intentionally be rough and potentially somewhat incoherent at times.  Beyond the journal, there currently are spaces for “Tech”, “Business”, and “Reviews”.  The first is because, well, tech is what I do.  I’m a developer, I find technology interesting, and I hope some day to be able to build some awesome robots and home automation.  (Think the nest thermostat, but for everything you do in your home).  I expect that I can write a few tech-centric blog posts that are worth reading and would perform pretty well when put along side the other things that I see on techcrunch or hacker news.  The next category of Business is there because I’ve started to become pretty passionate about learning when it comes to business and entrepreneurship.  The goal of this section is to allow me to crystalize the ideas about business that are constantly swirling around in my head, and put them somewhere that they won’t vanish.  (that reminds me, need to setup backups)  I expect this section to eventually contain some gems that will hopefully be beneficial to many people in the future.  Finally that brings us to the Reviews category.  The intention of this page is to distil the pieces that I learn from the texts and other pieces of media that I am constantly consuming.  I have read seven books in the last six months, and it pains me to think about how much of those I did not absorb because they went in and out in one fleeting month.  My expectations with this section are that I will be able to internalize what I’m learning when reading a non-fiction book, have something to go back to after I’ve read it, have good content that people will want to see and therefore come to the site for, and allow other young entrepreneurs like myself to have something to go by when making purchase decisions for these books.  I will probably embed Amazon product referral links with these book titles, but I don’t expect any significant revenue from them.  To not provide a referral link would just be a waste, lol.

What should you expect?

A good looking, clean website with good content.  That’s simple enough, right?

Room for Improvement

I hope to add a beer section to this blog where I am able to do something like review a beer a week.  My initial thought was a beer a day.  While I almost drink enough quality microbrews to make that happen already, I’m not sure I can keep that up from a posting standpoint while still being able to provide a quality review.  I’m also going to add an “about” page with some relevant details to fill in the blanks without you having to head over to facebook.  I’ll probably add a section dedicated to my skillset and what you can do to hire me on a contract basis.  But, that is of secondary concern right now because I currently have a tremendous amount on my plate and simply do not have time for consulting.  Finally, I’d like to add a page that is comprised of all the awesome things I come across on the internet each day.  This can serve to act as a bookmark repository for me and other people who are interested in the same things that I am.  I think I can accomplish this with the press-this plugin, but I haven’t verified that yet.  Hopefully I’ll come up with a few more things, but that’s what I have for now.

Above all else…

Above all else, I need to make sure that this blog stays genuine.  The people I read who have the most impact on me are those who seem truly genuine in their writing.  I have facebook comments enabled so you should be able to post with ease.  Feel free to call me out if it looks like I’ve ventured away from this ideal.

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