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I sat down to write a boring post this AM, but first I swung by TechCrunch for a daily dose … Learn more

I decided to write this because I see two basic camps forming when it comes to the idea of creating … Learn more

To the casual outside observer, AKA me, entering into small-scale retail sales is an intriguing opportunity.  We all live in a retail … Learn more

I signed up with Shopify today to enter their Build-A-Business competition. Why Not? The first reason is because… why not? … Learn more

Been meaning to spend a little more time researching kickstarter, so here goes. I went to and I’m greeted … Learn more

This is the story of my first encounter with giving people what they want, marketing, the power of exponential growth, and providing the best service. It is also the story of how I learned to not depend on infrastructure that was controlled by people whose goals were not aligned with mine. Learn more