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Update: Nailed it!   So, I’m sure that by now you’ve read at least a little about Bitcoin.  I’ve largely … Learn more

I was having lunch with some middle manager friends of mine at one of the companies I’ve worked for and … Learn more

This blog post is an MVP, please use the comments to provide positive and negative feedback.

I am thinking of writing a CTO guide for early stage startups[1] and entrepreneurs. There are tons of people walking around with big ideas, but don’t know how to implement them. Many of these people have a good mind for problem solving and understanding complex logic, but are missing some critical piece of the puzzle that would enable them to be a very effective technical co-founder or CTO. To be a stud tech-cofounder you need … Learn more

TL;DR? – Yes, yes it is.  But how about changing your business model?  Please read on. I was reading this … Learn more

I sat down to write a boring post this AM, but first I swung by TechCrunch for a daily dose … Learn more

I decided to write this because I see two basic camps forming when it comes to the idea of creating … Learn more

To the casual outside observer, AKA me, entering into small-scale retail sales is an intriguing opportunity.  We all live in a retail … Learn more

I signed up with Shopify today to enter their Build-A-Business competition. Why Not? The first reason is because… why not? … Learn more

Been meaning to spend a little more time researching kickstarter, so here goes. I went to and I’m greeted … Learn more

This is the story of my first encounter with giving people what they want, marketing, the power of exponential growth, and providing the best service. It is also the story of how I learned to not depend on infrastructure that was controlled by people whose goals were not aligned with mine. Learn more

I have found myself somewhat overwhelmed lately.  My last couple years of college I worked 35 – 40 hours a … Learn more

I went out to lunch with a few developers yesterday, including a fresh college grad names James.  Jim’s quite outgoing, … Learn more

If you count ramblings about love from 2004 on some blogging platform of which I don’t even remember the name, this blog is my fifth. The first one was started because I needed to get things out of my head. The second one was a blog about politics, the economy, and other mostly useless wheel spinning, mental-masterbation-type posts from a 24 year old who had just joined the fulltime workforce and was trying to make his mind up about the world. The third was like the second, but this time I moved to a shared hosting provider in order to be able to install my own plugins. The fourth was intended to be a place for me to add notes about technical things I had learned, but with the goal that people would find them useful and I would end up with a bunch of traffic and make a bunch of money from relevant advertising. (lol, yea, right) … Learn more

So I couldn’t find anything good online for converting a google maps search radius to a zoom level.  Google’s docs … Learn more

Abstract This quickie tells how to run multiple websites on one server with 1 ip address using Apache Http Server … Learn more

(This is a popular article from my old blog. Given that about 200 people a month come to this guide … Learn more