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Update: Nailed it!   So, I’m sure that by now you’ve read at least a little about Bitcoin.  I’ve largely … Learn more

I was having lunch with some middle manager friends of mine at one of the companies I’ve worked for and … Learn more

I sat down to write a boring post this AM, but first I swung by TechCrunch for a daily dose … Learn more

I decided to write this because I see two basic camps forming when it comes to the idea of creating … Learn more

Been meaning to spend a little more time researching kickstarter, so here goes. I went to and I’m greeted … Learn more

I have found myself somewhat overwhelmed lately.  My last couple years of college I worked 35 – 40 hours a … Learn more

I went out to lunch with a few developers yesterday, including a fresh college grad names James.  Jim’s quite outgoing, … Learn more

If you count ramblings about love from 2004 on some blogging platform of which I don’t even remember the name, this blog is my fifth. The first one was started because I needed to get things out of my head. The second one was a blog about politics, the economy, and other mostly useless wheel spinning, mental-masterbation-type posts from a 24 year old who had just joined the fulltime workforce and was trying to make his mind up about the world. The third was like the second, but this time I moved to a shared hosting provider in order to be able to install my own plugins. The fourth was intended to be a place for me to add notes about technical things I had learned, but with the goal that people would find them useful and I would end up with a bunch of traffic and make a bunch of money from relevant advertising. (lol, yea, right) … Learn more